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Trampoline & Tumbling

Trampoline & tumbling classes are great for those who want to spend more time on developing their tumbling skills and do not focus on other gymnastic events such as bars, beam, rings, or pummel horse. Classes are co-ed and can begin at age 7. For an offering of our trampoline & tumbling classes please look under TNT A, B, or C.  A complete description of the different levels is available below. 

T&T Level A: Beginner level


Floor: Learning handstand, cartwheels, hurdle cartwheel, round-off, forward & backward roll, back bend to kick over, flat back  jump, back handspring over barrel, Front handspring over barrel, round-off flat back

Trampoline:  Basic control on trampoline and technique for flips, back handspring and front handspring.

Tumble Track:  Dive roll on to wedge, basic jumps, cartwheels, power hurdle cartwheels & round-off, front handspring and round-off flat back

T&T Level B: Advanced Beginner

*Coaches recommendation for moving to level B

Floor:  Perfecting round-off flat back.  Work up to light spot for: round-off back handspring, front handspring & standing back handspring


Trampoline: Work up to front flip, back flip, front handspring & back flip without spot

Tumble Track:  Work up to front flip, back handspring, & round-off back handspring with light spot.  Start working on standing back tuck.  Work on front handspring without spot


T&T Level C:  Intermediate

*Coaches recommendation for moving to level C

*Ability to do round-off back handspring on floor with light spot

*Ability to do front tuck, back tuck and back handspring on trampoline without spot

*Ability to do round-off back handspring on tumble track with light spot


Floor:  Working up to round-off back handspring, standing back handspring & front handspring without spot.  Work on multiple back handsprings. Start to work on: round-off back handspring back tuck, standing back tuck & punch front tuck on floor.


Trampoline:  work on: back handspring back tuck connection, back layout & standing back tuck.


Tumble Track:  Working up to: round-off back handspring, standing back handspring and standing back tuck without spot.    Work on: multiple back handsprings, back handspring back tuck, round off back handspring back tuck, front handspring step out & front tuck step out connections.

T&T Level CX: Same as Level C but meets for 90 minutes.

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