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Preschool Gymnastics

Welcome to The Flip Zone, our preschool gymnastics program! Our goal is to introduce each child to a world of physical fitness through the incredible sport of gymnastics. The preschool program is developmentally based and each child is taught sets of progressive gymnastics skills. You will see your child grow physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally through our program. Classes meet once weekly for 50 minutes.
     The Flip Zone is set in it's own space and designed for the specific needs of preschoolers. Bright, colorful and inviting spaces make children feel welcome! All of our gymnastics equipment are designed for the developmental needs of preschoolers as well as for small hands and feet!

     Classes are based on your child's age. 
For an offering of our preschool gymnastics classes look under Flipper 2,3,4, or 5 depending on your child's age.  A complete description of the different levels is available below. 

Flipper 2: 18 - 36 months (Parent Participation required)
Specifically designed for your curious toddler, this class will teach the basics of gymnastics in a developmentally appropriate format. Parents assist their child to help reinforce listening and direction following skills while your child learns gymnastics in his/her instructor led class.
Flipper 3: 3 year olds
Gymnastics for three year olds! How fun it is to watch your children learn about becoming independant! Flippers 3 classes encourage each child to become an individual participant in class without the assistance of parent/guardian.  Classes are developmentally based and appropriate for the age range. We will learn LOTS of gymnastics, starting with the core skills required for every gymnast!
Flipper 4: 4 year olds
Flippers 4 classes are specially designed for your growing young athlete! Gymnastics skills are taught with the purpose of building all of the necessary core skills and preparing your child for Flipper 5 classes in a FUN, safe and nurturing environment.
Flipper 5: 5 year olds
 These classes are designed to transition your child from our preschool program to our school age program. Classes are taught in our Main Gym on regulation equipment. Children will continue to learn the core skills of gymnastics in a FUN learning environment.

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