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Policies & Procedures

Planned Closings

Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, MLK, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Independence Day. These days are NOT eligible for make-up classes as we account for them in our annual schedule. 


A nonrefundable $35 annual fee will be charged per child. Simply fill out the registration form online through our online registration link. Once the form is filled out completely, call the main office to register your child in the appropriate class.  You can not register your child for a class online and MUST call the office to enroll them in a class. Please do not show up the day of for a class you have not been registered for. We cannot hold a class space without payment and a completed enrollment form. We have family registration discounts for families of 2 or more.  We require auto-draft for all programs. Call or see the front office for details.



We offer a free trial class to our new members.  Spots are held for trial classes for 24 hours after participation.  It is your responsibility to contact the office to register for the class.  Trial enrollment is not automatic registration.


In order to withdraw your child from class, you must submit a written notice 2 weeks in advance using a Flip Force Withdrawal Form. You may pick this up at the front office or download it off the web. This form MUST be turned into the office. You are responsible for payment of tuition until this withdrawal notice is received in our office. Notice must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Verbal notification to a coach or staff member is NOT considered notification. No refunds will be given without a proper drop notification within the required time period. Drop notifications given the month of termination will only be given a partial refund upon request. Non-attendance is not a drop notification.


Tuition is processed on the 1st business day of each month so long as the 1st falls on a business day and is not a federal Holiday in which we are closed. If the 1st is on a Saturday or Sunday, tuition will be processed the next business day.  We require auto-draft for ALL programs. Late fees are charged after the 5th of the month. Please see the breakdown for prices on schedules. Returned checks will result in a $35.00 fee. Frequently declined credit cards will also be charged a $35.00 fee. We do not send out monthly statements unless there are late payments that need to be collected. Tuition will not be prorated for lack of attendance regardless of voluntary or involuntary reasons such as inclement weather.

Monthly programs such as Afterschool and Team will not be prorated for lack of attendance regardless of voluntary or involuntary reasons such as inclement weather or non-attendance due to non-health related reasons. 

Accounts 30 days past due will be dropped from all programs.  Your child will not be able to return to their program until the account balance is paid in full.  

Please call the office for tuition discounts for families of 2 or more and service discounts.


Parents and Siblings are asked to observe from the outside perimeter of the floor and/or lobby. Please refrain from gesturing, signaling or correcting your child while they are on the gym floor. Food and drinks are allowed only on the carpeted area. You are asked to please clean up after yourselves. NO SMOKING ANYWHERE IN THE FACILITY.


Make Up Policy

You may make up a maximum of 2 missed classes per month. Make ups must be made within 30 days of the original absence. Make ups must be scheduled thru the office. Additionally 2 make ups may be used for one Friday Night Open Gym admission. You must register through the office. 

Make Up classes are NOT provided for scheduled closures.  

You may not be refunded for any missed classes as substitution for a make up.

We do not offer make ups for planned holiday closings.  We do offer make ups for any closure due to inclement weather.  

Proper Attire

A leotard, shorts, T-shirt, and bare feet are suggested, Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail and tightly secured away from the face for safety reasons. Please provide your own hair ties. Though we have some available in the office, please do not let your child depend on this. NO Jean shorts, jewelry, or clothing with snaps or buckles. If it is cold, sweats are allowed. Clothing should be snug for safety purposes. Students NOT dressed appropriately may not be allowed to participate on some equipment or at all for safety purposes.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of  inclement weather we will update our social media detailing the forthcoming plans. We will also attempt to E-mail everyone as soon as possible. We will NOT always  be able to change our voicemail, so please do not rely on that and check our social media and your E-mails regularly. Make-ups for recreational classes will be available in the event the gym in closed due to weather. In the event of an extended closure we will NOT prorate or refund tuition due to missed classes.  We do our best to open during inclement weather but safety for our customers and staff is our first priority.  

Drop Off and Pick Up

Gymnasts should be dropped off no more than 5 minutes prior to class and picked up on time. Gymnasts should remain in the building until their ride arrives. Please notify the office if you are not able to pick your child up on time. No student should be left unattended outside the facility. 


We allow non-flash photography during our classes and practices. However, please be respectful of other parent's and their children as many may not want their child photographed.  If you feel that other children will be included in your photographs and/or videos, please notify the parent's in your proximity. We occasionally take photographs of children and use them as promotion on our social media outlets, including but not limited to our website, Facebook, and Instagram.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable with your child being photographed by either a staff of parent, please contact the office immediately.

Safe Environment Policies

Staff should never be lone with a single child; two adults (one of whom may be the parent) are required to be present at all times. This includes travel situations, before and after class, private lessons, etc. 

Children must be supervised at all times, including children who are dropped off early and children who are not picked up immediately after class.

Children may not wait outside the front door for their rides. 

All interactions with a child (classes, lessons, competitions, meetings, etc.) must be observable and able to be interrupted at all times.

Parents are encouraged to become as active as reasonably possible and are welcome to observe all activities.

Restrooms are to be monitored on a regular basis.

Preschool students who need to use the restroom during class should be escorted by their parent. When this is not possible, a staff member will stand in the doorway while a child is using the restroom. If the child needs assistance, the door must remain open.

If a school aged student goes to the restroom, the instructor should be aware of how long they have been gone and check on them if necessary. 

Standards of Behavior

All persons will be treated with respect and consideration, and will be treated equally regardless of sex, race, religions, sexual identity, or culture.

Staff and volunteers will use positive techniques of guidance, redirection, positive reinforcement and encouragement rather than comparison and criticism.

Any use of corporal punishment or abuse of children of any kind is prohibited. This includes physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, or neglect.

Care should be taken to ensure that physical contact is not invasive to sensitive areas of the body. Staff and volunteers will respect children's rights to not be touched in ways that make them feel uncomfortable. A child's right to say "no" is to be encouraged and respected.

Any incidents of body contact that are inconsistent with the couch-athlete relationship such as full frontal hugging, touching or personal areas, sitting on laps, tickling, back rubs, wrestling, etc. are prohibited. 

Out-of-program contact with students, such as ride giving, sleepovers, and inviting students to your homes are prohibited. 

Providing alcohol or inappropriate drugs to children is prohibited.

Profanity, inappropriate jokes, sharing intimate details of one's personal life, and any kind of harassment is prohibited.

Staff, regardless of age, may not date students under the age of 18.

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