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Boys & Girls Gymnastics

We believe there is nothing more enjoyable than accomplishing and learning new things. Give gymnastics a try and learn the value to never give up. Develop team work, discipline, respect, self confidence, tenacity, and social skills you'll carry with you the rest of your life. For an offering of our boys & girls gymnastics classes please look under GLA, GLB, or GLC for girls classes and BLA/B for boys classes.  A complete description of the different levels is available below. 

Girls Gymnastics

Girls Level A: Beginner Level

Students will get introduced to the basics of gymnastics. 


Floor:  Will learn the proper way to perform the forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, back bend, releve walks, kicks (forward, side, and back), Jumps and half turns.


Vault:  Will learn the proper way to run and jump/hurdle on the spring board and vault on the vault block.


Balance Beam:  Will learn how to safely mount on the balance beam, walk flat footed and in releve on the beam, kicks (forward, side, and back),jumps, pivot turns and dismounts


Uneven Bars:  Learn the proper way to grip the bar, glide swing on the bar, hold your self on the bar, and forward roll.


Girls Level B: Advance Beginner Level

*Coaches recommendation for moving to Level B

*Must be able to perform Level A skills with out assistance


Floor:  Back bend kick over, hurdle cartwheel, round-off, front walk over, back handspring over barrel, front handspring over barrel. 


Dance: Properly perform jump series, full turns and a split leg leap.


Vault:  Handstand flat back on vault block.

            Balance Beam:  Cartwheel, handstand, forward roll, half turn, jump series, split leap on low beam.  Round-off dismount off    

            high beam.

            Uneven Bars:  Pull over, cast, back hip circle with assistance. Introduce glide kip.


Girls Level C:  Intermediate Level

* Coaches recommendation for moving to level C

* Must be able to perform most of Level B skills without assistance


Floor:  Back walk over, round-off flat back, round-off back handspring with spot, front handspring with spot and split leg leap to a jump.


Vault: Front handspring over vault block


Balance Beam: Cartwheel, handstand, jumps, leaps on high beam without spot.  Back walk over on low beam, full turns on low beam


Uneven Bars: Pull over, cast and back hip circle without assistance.  Glide kip with assistance

Boys Level A: Beginner Level

Students will get introduced to the basics of gymnastics


Floor:  Will learn the proper way to perform a forward roll, bridge kickover off mat, headstand, Sashe’, and cartwheel.

Pommel Horse:  Will learn how to perform ½ circle on mushroom, support hold, bucket drill, step down step up, shoulder touches, and straddle swing.

Rings:  Will learn how to perform inverted hang piked, pull up-hold, German hang, and hanging L-sit.

Vault Block/Table: Will learn the proper way to perform board and stuck drill, squat on jump off, jumps off block into good landing position, and superman.

P-Bars:  Will learn the proper way to perform straddle front uprise, support hold, support swings, and swing hop off.

High Bar:  Will learn the proper way to perform a pull up, tap swing, swing ½ turn, and casting.


Boys Level B

*Coaches recommendation required to move to level B


Floor:  Handstand forward roll, handstand hold, hurdle cartwheel, front handspring w/ barrel, round off, backward roll, back handspring w/spot, and press handstand.


Pommel:  1 circle on mushroom, elementary travel, support swings, and leg cuts.


Rings: Skin the cat, muscle up drill, Level 4 routine, and straight arm support.


Vault Block/Table:  Handstand flat back drill, dive roll to mats, handstand to hop, and flat back to mat.


P-bars:  Straddle front uprise, straddle L to L-sit, horizontal shins, long hang swings, and upper arm support swings.


High Bar:  Pull over, tap swing, back hip circle, and swing half turn w/tap.

Boys Gymnastics

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