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Want to work here?

Do you know what sets our staff apart from employees at other businesses?


Everyone here loves their job! Where else can you be active while working with children and helping instill life-long lessons in the leaders of tomorrow?


If you’re upbeat, positive, and energetic, then FFG might be the place for you. We are always searching for eager and enthusiastic men and women with gymnastics coaching experience or a background in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, or physical education to join our team. (Saturdays and evenings are required—as we work around school schedules!)


Email your resume to







Safe Environment Policies

Staff should never be lone with a single child; two adults (one of whom may be the parent) are required to be present at all times. This includes travel situations, before and after class, private lessons, etc. 

Children must be supervised at all times, including children who are dropped off early and children who are not picked up immediately after class.

Children may not wait outside the front door for their rides. 

All interactions with a child (classes, lessons, competitions, meetings, etc.) must be observable and able to be interrupted at all times.

Parents are encouraged to become as active as reasonably possible and are welcome to observe all activities.

Restrooms are to be monitored on a regular basis.

Preschool students who need to use the restroom during class should be escorted by their parent. When this is not possible, a staff member will stand in the doorway while a child is using the restroom. If the child needs assistance, the door must remain open.

If a school aged student goes to the restroom, the instructor should be aware of how long they have been gone and check on them if necessary. 

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